Ayurvedic ayush Kadha remedy to treat cold Corona Virous Covid-19 and flu Recipe


Kadha: Fight Cold, Flu and Infections With This Ayurvedic

Ayurvedic ayush Kadha remedy to treat cold Corona Virous Covid-19 and flu Recipe

Coronavirus is again disturbing us. Many variants of this are also causing cold, fever, body pain etc. to people in our country. The symptoms of coronavirus disease such as head ache, body ache, cold, , eye irritation, dry hands, cough etc. use for kadha in cough can be very beneficial. The use of decoction also provides relief in fever, which is why we all must take decoction to avoid coronavirus and to increase our immunity. The decoction should be prepared by Ayurvedic method.The Ministry of AYUSH has also issued a special recommendation for making the Kadha. You can officially make the decoction by using it at home. We can use very simple spices to make the decoction. Apart from this, ready-made decoction of Ministry of AYUSH is also available, you can improve yourself by using it, and also protect your family from coronavirus. To avoid coronavirus, we need a lot of Vitamin C and we get good amount of Vitamin C from Amla and Lemon. Therefore, you must use the decoction in a string.Using basil gives us a lot of relief in fever, so use basil in your decoction a lot. Clove, black pepper and ginger are beneficial in cold.Ginger and honey give a lot of relief in cough, keeping in mind all these things, this decoction has been made. You must see the full video of making the decoction on our YouTube channel.Here you will tell how you can prepare the powder for the decoction at home.If you are taking a packet of the market then how can you make it.Here we will talk about the spices used for a decoction to increase the decoction. We will also talk about how to make a decoction with ready-made powder.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course Drinks, Kadha
Cuisine Indian
Servings 3 people
Calories 100 kcal


Brew recipe Kadha Banane ki Vidhi

  • Dry spices in the sun and then grind them in a mixer to make powder.
  • In this way our brew masala is prepared very easily.
  • You can also use readymade powder.
  • I have written the above
  • Take 3 cups of water to make the decoction.
  • Heat it well then add a packet of decoction to it.
  • Then after that, heat it on low heat till the water is reduced in half.
  • Then after that, to divide it into three parts, put lemon in each glass, in 3 glasses
  • Add a spoonful of honey as well
  • Jaggery can also be used in place of honey. It is very beneficial.
  • Then add the decoction to it.
  • To make the decoction, you can also add Raisins in it.
  • Drink it slowly.
  • For the safety of your family and your friends, you must share this recipe so that everyone can take advantage of it.
  • You can also watch the video of making the decoction by visiting our YouTube channel.
  • Apart from this, we have put golden milk recipe here.
  • You can also use them.


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